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14 April 2010 @ 10:43 am

Tittle: When Life Turns Upside Down for a Day
Author: allboutp  and hanny2luv  (collaboration between us) 
Genre:  sort of fluff, romance sort sortss
Beta: gal_ps  thanks a lot!
Disclaimer: if only they’re mine *sigh* sadly not huhu~
Summary:   a bet + a contract = an unlikely love story

Rating: PG

Pairing: Ryoda

Part 1
Part 2

Part 3

They walked out of the janitor room quietly. One of them was sulking while the other one had a satisfied smile plastered on his face.

“Oh there you are Ueda-kun. While you were out of reach, other members had already gone to the magazine’s studio, and so you had missed the van. This means, you’ve got to go there by yourself. Here,” his manager pulled out something from his pocket, revealing a piece of paper with an address on it, “they are waiting for you over there. Just get ready for the photo shoot. It will start in an hour. I might come there later, because I have a meeting with Johnny san.” He patted Ueda’s shoulder and walked to the lift.

Sighing inwardly, Ueda said, “Okay, now that it turned out like this, I need to go there. You just stay here and stay safe.”

Ryo couldn’t believe his ears, stay here and stay safe? The place was like a jungle full of hungry wolfs! “W-wait! I’m going with you, whoknowswhatwillhappenwhenyouaregone.” He spoke in a hurry. He was tired of running here and there.

Ueda walked closer. “What? I didn’t get you. You were speaking too fast.”

“Never mind, you are already late. Let’s try to go there by a taxi.” Ryo dragged him out of the Jimusho, not wanting to repeat those words. He was totally embarrassed and felt ashamed because he kept on relying on Ueda’s protection.

Outside, they tried to get a taxi few times, but to no avail. Feeling fed up, Ueda pulled him to the road side, “Stupid taxis. Let’s just ride the train.”

“But it’s a peak hour, are you crazy?” Ryo voiced out. He felt nauseous just thinking about those cramp coaches, full with bodies sticking together.

“You called me a princess, but I think you act more like one. Come on, it will be cheaper, and faster too if you cooperate.” Ueda tried to cheer him up, and grabbed his hand into his.

Ryo was stunned for a moment. Ueda was acting so natural, like he always did this with a girl. Maybe he had a girlfriend? Or maybe, he was just a player? Thinking about the other flirting with some girls made him fume, and so he quickly pulled back his hand. “I can walk on my own!” and he stormed off to the station.

“What a cranky princess.” Ueda chuckled, and walked faster, to catch up with the younger ones.


 Upon reaching the subway, Ryo looked around. Whoa~ it is really crowded.

“Come here, you might get pushed or separated too far from me later.” Ueda whispered to Ryo, gripping him closer.

Once the train arrived, Ueda quickly pulled them together so that they would be able to stand close and wouldn’t be separated. The train was totally packed, just like what Ryo had predicted.

“I can’t move.” Ryo whined. He was standing so close to a lady behind him, and he could feel her breast on his back. He tried to move a bit, but there’s an OL next to him, and he ended up bumping into the latter’s butt. “I’m sorry.” He tried to bow to her, but she just smiled. Let’s just hope that they wouldn’t accuse me for sexual harassment, he thought, but then he realized something, they thought I’m a girl too, so SAFE!

“Hey, relax, just stand still, ok.” Ueda whispered into his ears.

Ryo just realized the close proximity between him and Ueda. He can feel the hard muscles on the other’s chest, and even the fresh smell of his cologne. He smells so nice, and his skin is so smooth - okay, wait, why am I checking him out?!

“Are you okay? Your face is a bit red.” Ueda watched him, and dragged him closer so that he had more space.

“Next station is Akihabara.” A sweet female voice made an announcement about the next stop. Within 2 minutes, the train stopped and the doors opened. People rushed in and out, pushing so hard to get out, and the people outside kept on fighting to get in. This made both Ryo and Tatsuya being pulled and pushed to the opposite door, making Ryo trapped in Tatsuya’s arms. Suddenly someone from behind pushed Ueda so hard, and it made him bump into Ryo’s face, lips clashing into each other.

Ryo hissed, “Are you trying to take an advantage of me? Because you see here mister, I’m a ‘girl’ now. Once I yell out, every one is going to hit y-” Ryo lashed out. His face was turning very red.

“Shush~” Ueda quickly stopped his ramblings, afraid if any of the passengers near to them had heard him. “Someone from behind me pushed me too hard. It’s not like I’m that desperate to kiss you or anything, not in a million years.” Ueda rolled his eyes, throwing a disgusted look.

Glaring furiously one last time at Ueda, Ryo hit his elbow hard onto Ueda’s stomach, and smiled wickedly at him. “Be grateful that I’m a girl now, if not you might get more than a ‘small’ blow like that. ”

Ueda couldn’t muster any answer at all, as he was coughing to cover the blow. It hurt damn it!

“Next station, Ueno.” The girl made an announcement again. Quickly, Ueda pulled Ryo closer to fight with the massive people, so that they would be able to go out when the door was going to be open.

Once outside of the station, Ueda took a deep breath, the suffocation feeling had just ended. He looked behind and saw Ryo, who was walking happily.“Why are you smiling so wide?”

“Suddenly, the pressure around my chest is gone, and now, I feel much more comfortable.” Ryo shrugged, trying to catch up with him.

Ueda nodded, and glanced through the mirror of the shops as they walked by towards the studio. Then he saw their reflection and it made him gasp. “Ryo, what happened to you?”

“Hm  nothing, why?”

“Your *ehem* breast looks weird!” Ueda whispered, pointing to the other’s chest.

“Stop the sexual harassment you pervert! I’m tired of that game already!” Ryo grabbed Ueda’s cardigan, and kept on poking his left rib.

“No, I mean it. Come here.” He quickly turned Ryo to face the shop’s glass, forcing him to look at his own reflection.

“Ueda, my chest!” Ryo gasped.

“They are slanting!”Ueda chuckled. He tried to hide it, but failed miserably. “Your bra might be unhooked. Come on, let’s go and find a toilet.” Ueda dragged him to the nearest ones, and pushed him inside the ladies room. “Just go and wear it nicely. I’ll wait you outside.”

Not even a minute had passed, when he heard Ryo’s voice calling him. “I can’t reach it. Come inside and help me.”

Cautiously, he looked around. There was no one, I guess it’s ok to go inside. In a speed he quickly walked into the same cubicle as Ryo and locked it. It was cramped, and Ryo was trying to reach his back.

“Help me, fishlips, I can’t reach the hook. The blouse is too tight to even put my hands inside!” Ryo whined out.

Sighing inwardly, Ueda kneel down and turned him around. “Stand straight. Your blouse will tear if you move too much, and stop pulling it!”

“Argh, you are choking me. Don’t hook it too tight, you are not the one that is wearing it. Jeez, I can’t even breathe with this on me.” Ryo complained, and hit Ueda’s head.

“Ouch, don’t hit me. I’m not the one who made you wear this. Turn around, let me see you.” Ueda pouted, and stood up again. Ryo did as what he was told to do.

“Okay, that’s weird, why is that your right boob looks much more ‘livelier’ than the left one?” Ueda commented.

“Hey, what’s this, some sort of jelly?” Ryo picked up something from the floor.

“Ahh~ your padding Ryo, you dropped it on the floor. Argh, turn around!” Ueda yelled out in frustration. Why do I need to help this moron? And I’m late already!

“H-hey, don’t fondle my boob!” Ryo yelled out indignantly.

Ueda could only roll his eyes, you don’t even have a boob, to start with.

After the umpteenth times (too much yelling and whining), they managed to walk out of the cubicle. Once they opened the door, a teenager and her mom was waiting outside.

Ueda bowed at them feeling apologetic, and walked out.

“Mom, they were making out inside, I saw the guy kneel down and-” the girl talked to her mother, but  the latter stopped her from saying more.


(not finish yet, to the next part)

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