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06 September 2009 @ 12:29 pm

Tittle: Love at Zero Degree
Genre:  romance, but eventually it’ll become Mpreg
Disclaimer: if only they’re mine *sigh* sadly not huhu~
Summary: They are together, but only for the purpose of sex. When they realize that they’re in love, more bad things happen…
Rating: PG
Ryouchi, Ryoda, Yamapi x Girl, Akame

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3 

Part 4


He opened his eyes slowly, blinking few times, adjusting with the light. It was too bright, too white. He could feel his throat was dry. He looked around. Kame was crying in Jin’s arms, gripping his shirt tightly. Junno’s face was so pale and Nakamaru was sitting by his side.

“M-Maru?” his voice croaked. Straight away Maru touched his right hand.

“Tatsuya, you are awake! Shush… it’s ok, you’re safe, you’re safe!” he said, wiping his tears away.

“Oh my God Tatsuya!” Kame ran to his side, still half sobbing, dragging Jin with him.

“Where am I?” Ueda asked again. He wanted to know. His brain couldn’t think straight.

“You are in a hospital Uebo.”Junno replied gently. “Do you remember anything that happened last night?” he asked bitterly, not looking into his eyes.

“Last night?” he furrowed his brows, trying to dig in…he went to the beach, and then…

“Shushh, it’s going to be okay, you’ll feel good in no time.”

His eyes went wide. I was…

“No, Tat chan, no! Don’t remember about it! You are safe now! I promise that whoever did this to you, I swear I’ll kill him!”Kame hugged him tightly, whimpering in his chest.

Ueda couldn’t reply anything. He too, started to cry. He couldn’t control it. He felt dirty. The wound that they made, the painful feeling down there might heal within weeks, but the wound tainted inside his heart, could never be erased.

I’m dirty, I’m just like a slut! He felt like yelling right now.

Suddenly Koki walked in with a doctor.

“Sensei would like to talk to him about something.” He said slowly, asking others to go out with him.


~ @~@~@~@~


They helped him to check out from the hospital. Throughout the day, he didn’t utter a single word after that. Whenever his band member asked him questions he merely nodded or shook his head or worse, ignored them. They knew this is a hard time for him, thus they tried to be patient with him.


They went back to their hotel, with Ueda limping badly to his room, accompanied by Koki.

“I’ll help you to pack.” He said curtly, without even looking at him.

“Koki, look at me. Tell me, are you feeling disgusted of me?” he asked him slowly, eyeing him with sad eyes.

“Never, Uebo! I just…*sniff* how could those people do this to you? Don they have hearts to begin with? You are a human being for God sake!” he voiced out furiously, wiping his tears.

“I know. Koki promise me? Don’t tell anyone, please?” he said to him pleadingly.

Koki just nodded his head, and continue his task. Then he remembered something, quickly he took out his cellphone and dialled a number.

“Hello, yeah it’s me. Listen, I’ll be back today, yes, we’re going back 2 days earlier. Something came up. Can I see you tomorrow? Have breakfast together then? You pick the place and then tell me ne. Ok, bye.” Click.

“Who’s that? New girl?” Ueda said teasingly, trying to break the silent.

“My future to be girlfriend.” He replied, winking at him.

“Whoa, you didn’t tell me anything! Come on, who’s the lucky girl~”Ueda said, making a puppy eye at him.

“Well, you’ll see. You can meet him later. Come on Tat chan, we have a flight to catch.”


 ~ @~@~@~@~

“Hajime mashite, Ueda Yumi desu. I’ll be working with you all starting form today, yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” The girl introduced herself, and bowed to them.

They were having a meeting with Johnny sama today, only the leader from each group. He said about introducing new consultant to all of them.

Wow, what a hot chick, Yamapi thought. Wait a minute…I think I saw her somewhere, she seems familiar though. Her voice, her eyes…oh my God, she’s the girl at the club! He choked his own drink.

“Yamashita san, daijoubu?” Julie K suddenly looked at him with concern. He could only nods weakly.

Wow she is somehow an upper class. Here I thought she’s some cheap whore. He smirked mischievously. Looks like it’ll be a great game to me~

An hour after that, the meeting comes to an end. Yawning, he looks around. Quickly, he walked behind her.

“What a small world~” he suddenly whispers to her.

“Sorry?” she voiced out, eyeing him with interest.

“Well, if I must, remember me?” Yamapi tried to point out.

“I know you are Yamashita Tomohisa.”

“Yes, but remember me? You, me, Blue Eye Club? Last Friday night?” Yamapi says again, smirking at her.

“As far as I remember Yamashita san,I  think you are guessing the wrong person. Now if you please excuse me. ” she said, and walked away.

You wanna play a hard-to-catch game, go on. This only made Yamapi smirked more.

~ @~@~@~@~


They arrived at night. Tiredly, they walked out of the airport and called for a taxi. Kame and Jin took a taxi, as they lived together. They bid goodbye to each other, and parted to their own home.

Ueda arrived at his house soundly, with his body still aching all over. Tiredly he opened the refrigerator and drank the cold water. He then took all his luggage, dumped them on the floor by his bed. Stripping to his boxers, he slumped on the bed and fell asleep immediately.


He felt like his world twirling, going upside down. He looked around. It seems like he’s being tied to the bed by some faceless man.

 “Shushh, it’s going to be okay, you’ll feel good in no time.”

Hearing those words make him scared. It felt like the scene repeating again. He kept on trashing around, trying to free himself from it to happen again. The faceless man walked nearer to him, ripping his boxers open. Then he felt the searing pain. It felt much more painful this time. He move and move until…


He fell on the floor. He could feel his body wet with cold sweats. His body was shivering, feeling so scared to even move.

“Ring~” his phone called out to him, shaking him out of his trance. With shaky hand, he hit the button, “H-Hello?”

“Tatchan, are you there?” Kame’s concern voice came out. “Tatchan?” he asked out again.

Ueda couldn’t say how glad he was hearing his voice.


“We’ll be there asap. Stay put.” click. Kame replied firmly.


20 minutes after that the door opens, revealing Kame and a sleepy Jin.

“Tatchan, we’re here, stop crying…shush~” Kame cooed his band mate. Ueda was still shivering. The nightmare had affected him more than he could ever imagine. That man’s voice keeps on echoing in his head. His body started to shake uncontrollable.

“Oh my God Jin, call the doctor, NOW!” Kame yelled at him. Fast, Jin snatched the phone and calls him right away.

Ueda couldn’t feel anything anymore. His head become dizzy and he fainted in Kame’s arms.


~ @~@~@~@~


“Hi there~” Yamapi whispered in her ears seductively. “Remember me?”

“Hm? Oops…we meet again Yamashita san.” The girl replied, body still danced to the loud music.

“Yes, people say 3rd time is the charm. Now you can’t avoid me anymore. Wanna dance the whole night?” Yamapi replied cheekily, aaww man, she is so hot tonight! Those pants is soo short, and omg that halter neck is damn low, I can see that red bra inside! Okay, take a deep breath Yamapi, you are a lady killer!

She merely smile at his gesture, pulling him closer, she rested he arms on his neck. “Then shall we? Tomorrow I don’t have any works to do. We can enjoy the whole night here.”

Giving his devilish smile, he quickly pulled her by the waist, “Say, Yumi chan~ why don’t we go somewhere? Only the 2 of us?”

“That is something that I can’t give. Right now, we can ONLY dance. Take it or leave it. There’s a hot guy by the bar. Should I go there?” she taunted him, eyeing the guy at the bar.

“Hell no.” he pulled her back, breathing the sexy perfume she wore. “We are going to have a wild night here all night long, and no one can interrupt us. Got it?”

Raising her eyebrow, she then smiled to him sweetly. “Okay then, as long as you can get up tomorrow for your photoshoot without looking like a ‘bloat fish’.”


~ @~@~@~@~


Hm…this smells so nice. It feels so sweet and soft…oppai?! That thought straight away made him opened his eyes. There’s no one by his side. This only made him sighed in frustration. Ma~ at least I hope there’s a girl next to me when I’m awake. Then he realized something, this is not my room, and definitely not love hotel. Panicking, he looked under the the blanket. Phew, I’m wearing my boxers.

“Seems like you are awake. Come on, go and have your bath. I’ve made us breakfast.”

Yamapi jolted when he heard the voice. Yumi?

She just smiled at his surprised reaction. “What? You didn’t remember? Last night you were wasted, keep telling me that you don’t want to go home. Throwing up all over my expensive Turkish carpet. I’ll give you the bill later.”

Hmph, is that suppose to mean that we didn’t do anything? I slept like a log? You had wasted your effort Yamapi! He thought solemnly.

“What are you pouting about? Breakfast not enough? Come on, you have photoshoot at 10.” Yumi playfully smacked his head, but Yamapi acted faster. He pulled her on his lap, circling his arms by her waist, locking her from getting up.

“Yep, not enough, how about lunch too??” Yamapi smirked, as he saw the raising blush on her cheeks.


~ @~@~@~@~

“Hey Kame, are you ok? Why are your eyes seems so puffy and red?” Maru whispered to him. Kame could only shrugged, not wanting to explain more.

“Where’s Jin? I thought you guys came together?”Maru asked again, as he sat on the bed next to him. He eyed the sleeping figure on it. Ueda was still fast asleep, but sometimes he started to sweat.

“He came with me last night, but then we fought and he went out. I don’t know where he is right now.” Kame said slowly, his voice starting to crack. He knew that it was his fault, but sometimes his boyfriend could be pretty unreasonable.

“Okay, don’t cry now, Kame, Shuush~…when he realizes it, he’ll come back. Don’t cry too much. We don’t want Ueda to worry about you when he is in that state.” Maru patted him gently.

Kame wiped his tears fast, not wanting for Ueda to see it if he wakes up.

“So what should we do now? We come home 2 days earlier, so we have time to rest and let Ueda recovers. And then what? Should we get him a written letter from a doctor indicating him could not go to work and have a rest for a week?”

“I don’t think it is a good Idea Maru.” Ueda’s raspy voice suddenly interrupted their discussion. “Telling you the truth, it is better for me to be with you guys. As you can see, I’m too scared to be alone right now.”

“But what about dance practices and hectic working schedule? Wouldn’t that make you too tired after that?” Kame said, as he helped Ueda to sit with the pillow on his back.

“Kame, stop being a worry wart. I’m a guy, not some weak girl. Besides, having loads of work can help me forget what happened. ” Ueda replied bitterly, not wanting to explain more.

“Do you want me to stay over? My boyfriend seems to be ditching me and I don’t even know where he is right now. So I don’t mind if we go out and have lots of fun. We can go shopping, and eat our favourite cakes. Ah! You know, that day I saw the shop across your apartment sold a beautiful cake, and it looks yummy! And I -”Kame started to blabbed on and on, but Maru and Ueda could merely laugh at his antics. Somehow, talking about cakes and clothes could make their younger member ease off his problems, which normally is all about Jin.


~ @~@~@~@~

They end up even having dinner together.

“Aren’t you tired of seeing my face every time you want to eat? Besides, this feels weird.” Yumi said, as she slowly blew her warm soup, and dipped some bread into it before putting it into her mouth, savouring the delicious taste.

Yamapi smiled wider and shook his head. “Nope, I’m happiest when I’m with you.” And he winked at him, hoping that she got the message across.

Yumi merely rolled her head, not wanting to be tricked by the playboy in front of her. She then pulled out her cell phone and tried to dial a familiar number. The person that she tried to call seems not to be answering.

“Who are you trying to call when you are having a handsome young man sitting across of you? This is called cheating~” Yamapi pouted at her.

“Stop being childish. I’m trying to call someone. It seems like he’s not answering. I better go and check on him. Thank you so much for your treats today Yamashita san.” She quickly stood up and waved him good bye.

Yamapi could not say anything as she walked too fast. This is the first time he felt this way, he couldn’t describe it. But once she disappear, he felt so empty. Sighing, he wiped his mouth because he had lost appetite so he drank up his wine, and called the waiter.

He paid and walked out of the restaurant.

It felt cold, but his heart felt much colder. So he stopped by the konbini, bought a dozen of beers, and headed to Ryo’s place.


10 minutes later, he arrived, wearing a goofy grin when the door opened, revealing a very grumpy Ryo. “You too? What do you want? Can’t you guys have your own lives?!” He muttered to him, feeling like he’ll have a long night.

“What are you talking about? I thought you are alone?” Yamapi looked around and saw Jin, who was watching animatedly Dragon Ball anime on the screen. “Wow I didn’t know that he’s here.” He said back to Ryo, who merely snorted at that.

“Jin, I thought you said that you want to sleep early today? And why the heck are you doing here?” Yamapi suddenly said, as he walked to the living room and sat next to him. From behind, Ryo kept on saying no to him, hands waving frantically.

“Hm? Well we fought. We are suppose to sleep at Tatchan’s place.” He mumbled absent mindedly.

Ryo quickly dragged Pi out to the kitchen, staring at him sternly. “You know, thank God he did not start wailing his heart out. Just now, it almost made my neighbours come and complain to the authorities!” he raked through his hair harshly.

“Well, there is a solution to that. Why don’t all of us go to Ueda kun’s place? His house is spacious, so I don’t think that he would mind if all of us are there.” Pi winked playfully at his friends.

“Are you out of you mind? Hell I want to go there! That donkey-” but before he could finish, Pi said abruptly.

“Stop being a brat. Come on, your fights with him were staged. No hard feelings towards him, right? Come on, go and pack some of your things. I’m taking my tooth brush from your toilet.” Pi talked fast, pushing him out of the kitchen to pack things.

Ryo “hmph!” at him, but still followed his actions.


Few minutes later, they were set to go. Ryo, without waiting, turned off the TV and dragged Jin out with him. “Hey, I’m still watching it! You meanie~ Ryo how could y-” Jin started to whine at him, but being cut by Ryo.

“We are you going out. Come on.” Ryo said curtly, still holding Jin’s arm, waiting for Yamapi to lock the door.

They drove Ryo’s car, with the bags sitting at the back with Jin.

They did not explain to Jin at all, only dragging him together to Ueda’s place.

In Ryo’s mind, he couldn’t think straight. He was so nervous because they will not be alone. Jin, Kame, Yamapi and him. Taking a deep breath, he tried to calm his heart beat.

Parking under the apartment by the road, he stopped the car, but sat stilled in it.

“Hey, what’s wrong? Come on, let’s go.” Yamapi said when he saw his best friends went immobile.

“I- I think this is not a good idea. I’m going back. You guys go and have fun.” Ryo replied, not looking at Yamapi at all.

Jin rolled his eyes at Ryo’s answer, but he went out, closing the door so hard, making a loud thud.

“Stupid, it had been ages moron~” Jin said at him, sticking his tongue out to him, and walked to the lift with Yamapi, bouncing happily.

It’s not like that, he rolled his eyes. He turned around and was about to reverse his car and moved out from the parking lot when he realized something; Jin’s jacket. Urgh is he that old to be forgetful like this? He parked his car properly again, and turn off the engine. Taking the jacket with him, he walked up to the lift.


“Which room is his?” Yamapi looked at the numbers by on the door, as he walked.

“0304. Ah, it’s over there. Come on.” Jin replied happily, pointing to the said room.

Yamapi pressed the door once, and waited.

Few seconds later, the door opened, revealing...

“EEHH? What are you doing here? Jin, Is this the correct room?” Yamapi asked hysterically, pointing to the door’s number.

It was Yumi who opened the door, cladding in only a bath robe. She only raised an eyebrow when he saw how surprised Yamapi was.

“Yumi, who is that?” a voice from behind suddenly interrupted their talks.

Kame walked to the door. He too, wearing a bath robe.

“KAME?! You too??” Jin yelped at him, staring at them both with wide eyes.

“What Jin? Tatchan just had a bath and-” but Kame’s word were interrupted.

“Jin you moron, you left your jacket in the car.” Ryo suddenly walked to them, and he saw how both of his best friends stood still at their position, not moving at all. “What happened?”

“Are you guys having a threesome?!” Both Jin and Yamapi asked at the same time, and Ryo almost fall to his knees hearing that.


A/N: minna, hisashiburi~ (although I am always around, reading the fics ^^;;) ive finished this one, lk in June but kinda been too busy with RL and then, I became lazy at posting, gomenn m(__)m. To make up for my laziness, I made this one longer. Hope you guys are happy ne ^___^. ah btw, i have an announcement. sadly, my beta is retiring, so can anyone help me and be my beta?? i write many types of fics, from safe to NC-17, owh yeah, you can check my prev works here, I've updated it.


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gal_psgal_ps on September 6th, 2009 06:53 am (UTC)
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gal_psgal_ps on September 6th, 2009 06:54 am (UTC)
P.S. I'm not native english speaker but if you still need help for beta...well I humble propose myself :)
allboutp: akameallboutp on September 6th, 2009 07:10 am (UTC)
uwaa~ so fast!u r the 1st *throws confetti*
yes, i will try to update at a regular time these days, not lk this ^^;;
oh, u want to be my beta?? sure no prob!i hope u dont mind, coz sometimes i write smut, its lk, when im in mood for that.
later send me ur email?? (PM me ne)
dayenniezdayenniez on September 6th, 2009 07:18 am (UTC)
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please.. don't make me wait for months again~
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allboutp: sexy ryoallboutp on September 7th, 2009 10:34 am (UTC)
sorry for replying late >_<
yes, am ashamed of myself *runaway* but dont worry, the 5th part is already on the way, n i found 2 betas yay~
will update ok!
thanks for still reading dear~
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hahahaha, that last line just killed me XD
i'm starting to love this fic!
i can't wait for the next one!!

ps. i'll beta! this would be my first time but idk, i've read too many fics and wrote a couple of them myself and i've always wanted to try so... i offer my services to you XD
allboutp: tegomassallboutp on September 7th, 2009 10:36 am (UTC)
hehehhe~ yes, a lot more to come, i'll surely keep all of you entertained ne~ *wink*
thank u for reading!
p/s:owh really?? thank u so much! *hugs* its ok, i write both oneshts n mchap, so later give me ur email through PM ne
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i wonder what ryo will do when he finds out about tat-chan. thanks for updating!!
allboutp: u lk it_ryoallboutp on September 7th, 2009 10:37 am (UTC)
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PIN is sure baka ne hahaha~
before ryo is going to be beserk, lets try t run away 1st *hiding myself*
thanks for commenting, will try to update when i finish writing it *nods*
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allboutp: newsallboutp on November 1st, 2009 04:10 am (UTC)
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