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29 April 2011 @ 01:39 am
Fic List  

I’ve been lazy and thought, “Okay, I’ll wait until I have written more than 10 then I’ll do a fic list.” But nvm… I think it’ll be better for me to do this, and others who wanted to as well ^^



1) Tittle  : (5+1) PDA? NEVER!
Pairing   :RyoDa
Summary: Ueda wants Ryo to open up to others about their relationship. And when the princess want it, he gets it  *smiling  evilly*

2) Tittle   : The one with the pink dress
Pairing     : RyoDa
Summary: Ueda loses his bet with Kame, what do he have to do?

3) Tittle: Code Of Love
Summary: a songfic that written based from Love in Snow and Code

4) Tittle: Love? Maybe…
Summary: Ryo was jealous; it was raining hard, but still he needs to do something…


5) Tittle    : Me As I Am, for >> [info]dephi
Summary: This is my life, I will do whatever that I want!

6) Tittle   : I Will Make You Mine!, for >> [info]hanny2luv
 Summary: Ryo gets some ‘help’ in getting his hime…

7) Tittle: 5 times Ueda makes Ryo blushes + 1
Summary: Ueda gets his revenge on Ryo huhu~
Pairing: Ryoda of course!

8) Tittle: 13-Happy Birthday, >> for[info]dutchenchanted, or [info]queenofdorks
Summary:  they are together, or maybe not? And before they can solve it, something bad ‘happens’
Rating: not so safe, a bit of touching, NC-15
Pairing: RyoDa

9) Tittle:Lucky (It’s a songfic from Lucky, Jason Mraz), >> for [info]harunomasu ~
:  they fall in love, or maybe after that fall out of love?
Rating: Safe, PG
Pairing: Tegomass

10) Tittle: My childhood girlfriend,>> for[info]haruhi_hikaru.
Summary:  Ryo had weird dreams…
Rating: Safe, PG
Pairing: Ryoda

11) Tittle: Monkey Business (Vday fic)
Summary:  a trip to meet a tarot card reader made Ryo transforms into…
Rating: Safe, PG
Pairing: Ryoda, Akame, Yamapi x girl

12) Tittle: The Seductive Manners, >> for [info]hanny2luv
Summary: Yamapi must find a guy that can turn on Ryo (sorry, stupid summary)
Rating: erm… NC-15? For those slutty acts*cough*
Pairing: Ryoda, slight pikame

13)  Tittle: Code (the continuation)
Summary:  outside, it is raining, but inside? Why does it feels like that too?
Rating: Safe, PG
Pairing: Ryoda

Part 1 by  dearest [info]hanny2luv

Part 2

14) Tittle: Heart’s Desire >> for[info]bachiari
:  in his deepest part of his his heart, he’s lusting for certain person. When he reached a point where he couldn’t take it anymore, he couldn’t stop from wanting him badly, NOW.
Rating: not so safe, NC-17
Pairing: Ryoda

15) Tittle:  Enchanted by You , >> for[info]gal_ps
RyoDa, TakkiTsuba
Summary:  Ueda casted a spell on his destined partner, but his teacher try to undo it.





1) Title: The Ugly Swan (2/2)
Summary: The chibi fat Ueda was being bullied since small, and at last he met his saviour.  They became friends and Ueda ends up falling for him. But something turns up and he needs to go away. What will happen next?

Part 1

Part 2

2) Tittle: Hatsu Koi, >> for [info]dephi
Genre: sorta angst, romance, and a bit fluffy
Summary: They’re already together, but someone from Ryo’s past came back, shaking up their relationship.Rating: PG15

 Part 1
Part 2
Part 3  



On goings:

1)Tittle: Love at Zero Degree

Rating:  start with NC17, some of them are safe, but eventually it’ll become Mpreg.
Summary: They are together, but only for the purpose of sex. When they realize that they’re in love, more bad things happen…

 Rating: PG (please read the rating before reading this, it changes on every chapter)

Pairing: Ryouchi, Ryoda, Yamapi x Girl.  


Chapter 1 Chapter 2  Part 3

 and it seems like I'm already settled with my RL, so I'm openning for anyone whowould like to request for a bday fic, as long as it is 2-3 weeks from the day, then it'll be fine with me. (I dont like to do last minute works, it wont come up good >,<)
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setokojisetokoji on May 24th, 2011 05:25 am (UTC)
A listttt!
Now I can go on a fic marathon~
*___* really love ur fics so thx for making a list!
lase2 on October 11th, 2016 07:24 am (UTC)
catherine71548 on November 16th, 2016 09:26 pm (UTC)